First Bite

After a long hiatus I’ve returned to the bloggersphere. I’m not sure where this blog will take me, if it will travel at all, or whether it will become just another thing I feel I have to do on the internet. It seems my list of have tos is growing at an unprecedented rate each time I find a new collection of clothes, news, photographs and social networking paths I wish to frequent during my Dedicated Daily Computer Time.

One day, I might only have an hour. But on average, I’m somewhat ashamed to say it can end up near six. Nevertheless, my world has grown, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My daily routine goes a bit like this: Hotmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google News, The Age, StarNow, eCaster, Pinterest, seek, Genio, Gmail… then most days I also visit a few friends tumblr’s (not a fan of the platform but a fan of the friends – a girl must grant pardon every once in a while). I check out what’s happening across the world through the New York Times, browse asos for new clothes I do not need, check out Motel, Urban Outfitters and Nike, because I really want those freestyle runners in neon colours but can’t justify the expense. Maybe if I stopped trawling over at asos I might actually Just Do It and actually get my coveted Nike’s one day.

If I didn’t have my DDCT (Dedicated Daily Computer Time) I sure would read paperbacks a lot more, I’d watch more television, and possibly see a bit more of my friends, but I suspect I’d also be bored as hell. The internet offers so many amazing opportunities to learn and explore the world in all its diversity. Whether its politics, art, fashion, economics, crime, literature or a specific culture or trend, it’s all there, right at your fingertips. 

It is as true as it is cliche and passe. No matter who you are, the internet provides a gateway to something new every single time you open up your browser. 

My fingers automatically reach out for command T when I catch a glimpse of something intriguing, and I think I’d be in the ranks for having the most ridiculous amount of tabs a person can have open, in the one window, at a single moment.

My list of Bookmarks is far too long. My Reading List is even more absurd. Every day I find articles, programs, ideas and images I want to investigate in more depth to do it justice. And so on to the Reading List it goes.

My numerous email accounts are signed up to so many daily, weekly, monthly newsletters and subscriptions, it almost defeats the purpose of belonging to an organisation, social group or mailing list. But almost is the critical word. While I think of the relief my inbox(es) may feel as I click on unsubscribe, I travel through time. Well, I think of the next day when as a consequence, I am left unaware and closed. A lesson in Public Relations Systems Theory states that a closed system is disengaged, unresponsive, closeted and isolated. Reducing connections whether it be face-to-face contact, community engagement, online networking or cancelling your eBay membership, will only shut a door you once upon a time chose to push open. 

Basically, this blog is an open opportunity for me to write. A special friend was over last night and she read a piece I wrote for my university writing folio. She then told me I should be a writer. So as crazy as it is, here I am. My System is completely open. 

If you’ve made it this far, my rant and I are very appreciative of your time and eyeballs. Seriously, thanks. And Bonne nuit. 

  1. Gary Levy said:

    Dear ‘countingletters’. What a privilege and delight to be invited into your bloggersphere and to share so many facets of your DDCT! I certainly didn’t realise how broad, varied, and important this activity was, and I was often only 20 steps away, or less!

    I agree with your special friend, that your writing is something to be seriously encouraged, and supported, and…read! So thanks so much for creating this Open System that gives others access. I’ve bookmarked your blog and, I will return!

    The PaperMan xoxox

  2. David Levy said:

    Hey countingletters I am enjoying your blog. A lot of stuff I can’t identify (like other blogs n stuff) but as a daily paperman myself there is plenty to relate to.

    Keep blogging and thanks for inviting me to read/join.

    And go the Tigers!

    UDL xox

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