Tony’s 2012

Ahhh, the Tony Awards!

Unfortunately I have as much access to Foxtel as a a fish has to dry land but thanks to YouTube, my night has been made. The Tony’s recognise excellence on Broadway, rewarding performers, shows and artistic directors who’ve ‘made’ the year in the theatre. 

The 10th of June, 2012 marks the 66th Annual Tony Awards. I wanted to watch the live broadcast at 10am this morning, but as mentioned above, I’ve had to make do with the highlights from the world wide web. And basically, it’s made me want to go to New York and spend all my money on shows.

My pick of what I’ve been able to see surprises me. Firstly, I loved the cast of Evita. Ricky Martin is actually really good. He suits theatre. Maybe he should have started off, and stayed there. The cast are totally in sync with one another, the singing is a high quality and each performer looks like they’re born on be on the Beacon Theatre. My other favourite was Newsies. I’ve heard much praise for this revival from friends and reviewers but for some reason I’d never given myself the time to look into it further. It is a Disney production, with a young and largely male cast. I think tickets to Newsies would be my premiere purchase upon arrival in NYC.

The Book of Mormon has been on my To See list since I discovered the show. Written by the creators of South Park, it’s lots of cheeky bible humour, and is not one for the faint (or faith) hearted. The Book of Mormon won Best Musical at last year’s Awards, but the Elders made an appearance on stage again in 2012 introducing third-time host Neil Patrick Harris.

Harris is proudly gay and is best known for his role on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother. Personally, I’ve only caught snippets of the sitcom and haven’t thought to pursue watching it. But after experiencing Harris’s humour, talent and natural performance abilities, I might see what I can find. He calls the Awards 50 Shades of Gay. Watch him.

Other blockbuster faces included Cynthia Nixon, Matthew Broderick performing songs from Nice Work If You Can Get It, and James Earl Jones. Oh, and Corbin Blue, whose pitch was, well, a little blue. Maybe he should Stick To The Status Quo.

The talent on that stage is enormous, bridging genders, generations and genres. I want to see these shows before they close. Or maybe I can watch them online, too.

And Harris clarified one thing above all. If our everyday was more like a musical, ‘life wouldn’t suck so much’. I’ll take his word for it.


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  1. Gershwin's Ghost said:

    Hey, I godda luv d’way you wrap up d’Tonys!

    Dis city is made for ya.

    Get your ass over here as fast as you can and, bet your bottom dollar, life won’t suck as much!


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