The Duck Face

Has Instagram propelled the Duck Face into our every minute of every day?

Have Duck Faced girls been there all along and are just utilising a new technology to sprout their pouts upon?

Is the Duck Face something of a MySpace era revival stage we are going through?

In fact, what is this ‘of the moment’ expression anyway?

I suppose its like the Awkward Lean. It’s a trend, its meant to make you look skinnier/more attractive/have bigger lips/larger eyes/longer lashes, but ultimately leaves you looking (obviously), like a duck. I have reason to believe that the Duck Face has risen in popularity with social media, if not having been recently resurrected through the prevalence of denigrating memes overpopulating the world wide web.

It’s a well known pose amongst Generation Y and as much as it is laughed at, scrutinised and recreated to humiliate one of its acceptors, it continues to pop up every time I refresh my newsfeed. Keep in mind, those appearing on my newsfeed are largely friends or if not, people I know through mutual acquaintances. But even having a social-networking ‘friendship’ with so-and-so’s friend whose brother’s girlfriend’s Duck Face appears on my own stream of updates, is somewhat embarrassing in itself.

Girls, you don’t look sexy. You don’t automatically become a boy-magent sending out magnetic currents to people that could be genuine or potential boyfriends. You are much more likely to attract messages or Adds from across the globe in jumbled English something along the lines of:

“Hey (Insert your name here),

You r cool and hot. Wats ur number? Add me so we can chat sumtime? ;)”

Now not only is this a dead end on the relationship side of things, it’s downright creepy.

Facebook is a social networking site where old friends maintain relationships and new friendships are made based on broadly authentic connections. Simply, we are encouraging a world where the sexualisation of women (and some men) is acceptable, regardless of how ‘sexy’ and attractive the images ultimately appear.

Most Duck Face portraits are also ‘selfies’, which means they were taken by the wearer of the Duck Face herself, most likely while they were alone, in a bathroom, in front of a mirror and contemplating how best to attract their next male (or female) counterpart. But, they are known as one of social media’s ‘ultimate fails’. I do not know of one photograph featuring a Duck Face that hasn’t been rudely made fun on or at least mocked by the wearer’s friends. And this criticism most often occurs on social media as well.

To put it bluntly, at a stretch, Duck Faces are generating bullying.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a link to a video put together by YouTuber benlyons83.

And if you don’t go and try out your own Duck Face at least once after watching this, well I’ll be damned.

PS. I cannot count how many times I have accidentally typed Fuck Face or Fuck Dace while writing this post. Why must D and F be so close together?

  1. Alex Jones said:

    Perhaps chemicals in the water is responsible for Gen-Y Duck Face Syndrome (DFS).

  2. It is indeed very annoying. And also, girls who don’t like making duck faces have started doing them just to make fun of the girls who do. So if you watch facebook photos you rarely see a photo of at least one duck face on it :S

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