Sleep and Conversation

I have slept quite literally for more of today than I’ve been awake so my efforts to compose a coherent blog post are at an all time low.

However, I now have my first piece for Vibewire published on their site. Each month Vibewire has a feature topic and September’s is Mental Health, grounded in Australia’s youth. My piece is titled Mental Health and Conversation and I’d love to hear any feedback from readers. Share it with your friends and family because that’s what it’s all about: Creating awareness, changing behaviours and stimulating action for positive change.

  1. DannyD. said:

    Read your Vibewire piece, CL!
    I think mental illnesses are often created by the society and culture, but only certain (vulnerable and innocent) people become the victims who then suffer so much. But if there are social and cultural roots to mental illness then the solutions must also come through social and cultural change. This, as you suggest, calls for political action, and raising the level of awareness and conversation is critical here. I hope you can keep voicing your concerns and increasing the volume on your calls for action and change.

  2. Mazal tov nooch in your first vibewire article, an excellent read ________________________________________

  3. Bill and Monnie Fenner said:

    Thank you Esther for such a thoughtful and inspirational piece of writing on Vibewire, which surely can bring help and hope to many sufferers, and understanding too, thus raising awareness and lifting the taboo surrounding the subject of mental illness.

  4. Sylvia Azzopardi said:

    Thanks Esther. This is a very thoughtful and thought provoking article. You shed light on some really important aspects of how we communicate and how we sometimes make assumptions that make life more difficult for young people. Your piece reminds us how important it is to listen carefully and also to speak out about the need for services that can respond in ways that young people can relate to. We can all do something to counteract the stigma attached to mental health. Good on you for drawing attention to these issues and encouraging others to do the same. Every voice makes a difference.

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