Brainwash Project

This is fabulous. An initiative by a young woman, for girls, made my those who care. It is a project being funded through Pozible that has reached it’s initial target with the support of those who care. The petition on has been signed by those who care, for those who need reassurance that they are beautiful and unique in their natural state. It’s about caring and it’s about change. Founder, Jess Barlow is a student at RMIT University in Melbourne and she’s on the look out for contributors. It’s about nourishing yourself, standing up for what you believe in and holding onto a philosophy that promotes wellness, beauty and intelligence, rather than manufactured and artificial states of being. If you care, help Jess achieve her goals. And you’ll be supporting a great cause by doing so.

  1. MissMarvel said:

    The more you care,
    The less despair;
    Help make the change,
    to re-arrange,
    The way them ‘zines,
    Make it seems
    That natural
    Ain’t factual.
    So use your brain
    To keep you sane;
    Don’t let them make
    Your life a fake;
    Your beauty grins
    from deep within;
    Uniquely true
    and shining through.

  2. Jenny Barlow said:

    Could not have said it better myself.

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