Goldfish Aquariums.


Click the link Watch the clip Don’t you think It’s worth the trip?

A visit to a country So far from home A plane flight, compression, high blood pressure, obsession

The arts bring about Such wonderful things From windows into worlds And crazy other scenes

But this one, I think Is a happy opening To a world underwater A foreign understanding

Of what is normal And what is common And what really makes A life worth living

So be a part Of something new Excite your senses Through and true

Abundant pleasure Will head your way As you play with your hands And master a trade

The fish will emerge A dozen, a hundred And setting them free Helps you cope with the thunder

Of not knowing where To start, to begin Your body leans one way Your gut sinking in

Trusting your instincts Easier said than done But no one can tell you What you could become

So take a chance On what is unknown You’ll always been safe Within your own home

And then you shall venture A wild tumble-turn Into the tank A place to learn

Of love of hate Of sun of rain Of opportunities abound Of men and their dame

Cultures diverse The world will diverge While unifying together Against the urge

To destroy and discourage To harm and to fight Instead using goldfish To show us the light


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