The Classroom

Sitting. Listening. Not really listening.

Hearing voices, sound coming from someone, somewhere or other

“Governing the complex society of China…”

Mass population. Economic elites. Two dollars a day.

Neo-liberalism is a political technology

Peripheral vision see hands moving with vocal levels rising and falling, synchronised

Planned or innate, one or the other, or both at times, I’m making a rhyme

Unable to concentrate, ideas are running

But I’m planning for tonight and stressing about events, friends, family, things I must do

How to fit it all in?

The weather’s been warm, windy, sunny

I’m wearing a big sports jumper and leggings, I don’t know how to dress for summer

I hate planing what to wear, but I hate waking up in the morning without this planning even more

It must be suitable, but I also don’t care if it’s not because I need to feel okay

I need to feel comfortable ‘in my own skin’ or that covering it all up.

“In Germany, it’s to rebuild the nation after the second world war. In China…”

The tutor continues to talk as I tune in and out, more out than in

Phones vibrate on the table and people get distracted

But my distraction is constant

I don’t even know what the inversion of distracted is

“A vastly more delicate and complex task”

What is delicate and complex?

My thoughts, my brain

No, something to do with neo-liberalism and rationality

“How do you manage your population?”

The Numerati. Baker. Google it.

Micro-targetting. Rambling. Not listening but hearing through one ear and pushing it out of the other.

Learning through other senses. Touching my keyboard, smell – average, nothing, zilch, a bit hot if anything at all

Is it possible for something to smell hot? I’m going to say so.

“This is how I govern you, with another rhetoric… socialism.”

Doodling, pens running wild, Facebook accounts open and running hot.

Chat, photo albums, Hotmail and Gmail. I see them all.

Big and small. Small and big. Open your windows and you too, will see.

Two tests down today, can’t. keep. concentrating.

Break time, five minutes.

No one’s listening anyway. What’s the point of staying?

I wouldn’t do anything at home either though, but I have so much to get through before slipping into bed tonight.



“Okay, I want to continue… Neo-liberalism is. a. political technology…”

Back to reality. Or dreaming. A land I never really left.


1 comment
  1. The Thing King said:

    Delicate, and complex, indeed!

    Maybe the opposite of distracted’ is..’tracted’? Hmmn…?



    Drawn towards, rather than pulled away from…?


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