25 Ways I Differ From Others My Age

1. I don’t like getting drunk.

2. I don’t like clubbing.

3. I don’t think drugs are cool.

4. I like jazz music, musical theatre, RnB, acoustic music AND dance tracks.

5. I like learning and the educational process.

6. I hated school.

7. I like being alone.

8. I am an introvert.

9. I love reading.

10. I tend not to follow fashion trends and dress in androgynous/not particularly feminine clothing.

11. I am an only child.

12. I have a close relationship with my father.

13. Most of my grandparents are still alive.

14. I know all of my first cousins and some of my second/third/distant ones, too.

15. I have never been to the United States of America.

16. My family does not have Foxtel.

17. I would rather be home on a Saturday night that out with friends.

18. I am comfortable interacting with adults.

19. I am bad with kids.

20. I am quietly opinionated but tend not to shove it in everyone’s faces.

21. I respect people’s privacy.

22. I believe friendships really must be based on something more than going out and getting drunk.

23. I’d rather have a few good friends than a million ‘friends’.

24. I love Twitter.

25. I haven’t dropped out of/deferred my university degree this year.

  1. Lexie said:

    I share so much of this.

      • Lexie said:

        Well I’m up for that proposition

  2. Eva Setton said:

    You sure are different , estherlf. Always dare to be different ! Keep writing. annoN

  3. SecretAdmirer said:

    26. Gutsy!

  4. WakeMeUp said:

    27. Intriguing!

  5. TheJester said:

    Gotta luv ya for all that, and a whole lot more..xoxoxo

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