25 Proof of Age Cards

1. I still live at home.

2. I ask my parents for money on a daily/weekly basis.

3. I love sleeping.

4. I love my bedroom.

5. I must have my DDCT (Dedicated Daily Computer Time). Don’t talk to me if I haven’t.

6. I own a smartphone.

7. I’m addicted/physically sewn to it.

8. I love Snapchat.

9. I have a gym membership.

10. I use Soundcloud to download dance/trance/soundscapes.

11. I have illegally downloaded music for many years.

12. I have multiple HDs in procrastination.

13. I complain about #firstworldproblems.

14. I loved Arthur as a kid.

15. I see white headphones and regard them as a necessity, not a luxury.

16. I utilise and whinge about Melbourne’s Myki system.

17. I’ve stalked someone on Facebook/Instragram and have Liked something accidentally.

18. I chew gum like the world’ll end if I don’t.

19. I believe the right friends can be your chosen family.

20. I knew about the Dark Knight shootings before my parents did due to social media.

21. I know the value of a Selfie as a social currency.

22. I want to travel the world.

23. I don’t do my own washing.

24. I dress inappropriately for the (Melbourne) weather.

25. I use emojis excessively to the point of no return. (Thanks you iOS 6) πŸ™‚ 😦 πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

1 comment
  1. Springtime said:

    I think you’re proving to be a rare bird, indeed. Spread those wings and…

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