Fluoro Vs. Neon


Year Seven. House parties. Singlets. Supre. Headbands in bright pinks, oranges and greens with an elasticised bow to show off your super sexy style. “Fluoro Nation” or amongst my friends, “Fluoro Naish!” Blinding. Horrific. Distasteful. Full of pre-teen angst and oozing the tweeny desire to be looked upon by a boy. I wonder what those poor pubescent boys thought. That’s if they could bare to look at us in our fluoro tanks and hazardous tradie attire.

Oxford Dictionaries: 

1. representing fluorine noun the chemical element of atomic number 9, a poisonous pale yellow gas of the halogen series. It is the most reactive of all the elements, causing severe burns on contact with skin.

2. representing fluorescence noun the visible or invisible radiation emitted by certain substances as a result of incident radiation of a shorter wavelength such as X-rays or ultraviolet light.

Urban Dictionary:

1. A matter of personal taste

Me on fluoro: …Thanks, but no thanks.

*In my head* I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

Connotations I associate with Fluoro:

1. Tacky

2. Cheap


Current trends are set on this bright, blazing lure. Neon bags, totes, gold and silver jewellery with ceramic neon bits and bobs attached. ‘Feature’ pieces – a neon green jacket, a neon pink skirt. And it’s both high end fashion and cheapo-stuff. Check out Pinterest, Instagram, Vogue. Name it, frame it. It’ll be there. Taking the world by storm only a few years after the perishing of its oddly similar cousin mentioned above (may he/she rest in peace). But appealing to all. Someone, somewhere, somehow has rebranded the poor he/she who shall not be named into something entirely new and appealing to girls everywhere. They say fashion trends repeat but usually women have to wait more than five or six years for it to do so.

Oxford Dictionaries:

1. noun the chemical element of atomic number 10, an inert gaseous element of the noble gas group. It is obtained by the distillation of liquid air and is used in fluorescent lamps and advertising signs. (Symbol: Ne)

2. noun fluorescent lighting or signs (whether containing neon or some other gas)

3. noun a very bright or fluorescent colour

Urban Dictionary:

(many definitions to do with cars have been omitted due to their irrelevance)

1. Having very bright skin, so bright that at night you can see the person when they have no shirt on

Eric: Dude, Dan is neon.

Justin: Yeah dude, you can see him at night.

2. Any bright/annoyingly vivid colour

Connotations I associate with Neon:

1. Classy paired with the right combination of other apparel.

2. Dangerously close to fluoro.

How can two descriptions of scientific elements recently transferred into the realm of fashion be so similar yet provoke entirely opposing opinion from the general public (sample: tween and teen girls, and young women)? Even the fashion elite are wound up in this dichotomy. It’s a trendsetters dream within a nightmare. Where do the divisions lie? Is it with the individual? Or can we as a society differentiate clearly between the two?

Example Scenario:

Girl 1: Oh my god, did you see that girl at Tramp last night wearing the fluoro yellow skirt with the Harley top? Ugh, it totally didn’t go and since when did fluoro become okay to wear again? It is like, so Year Seven!

Girl 2: Yeah she looked like dirt trash. Lucky we were wearing our supercool Topshop neon leggings! I couldn’t bare to be caught wearing fluoro!

What a highly insightful society we live in. Above all, does it really matter? Shouldn’t we just focus on what we like and not how others’ perceive us? It’s a hard task in an incredibly judgemental world. Life’s tough as a teenager. But I know you know what I mean. Where do you draw the line? Fluoro Vs. Neon. The battle is on.

PS. Search ‘fluoro’ on Google. Hilarious.

Supre for the win.

  1. darstellungsrisiko said:

    mmmmm no doubt, has me thinking of ultraviolet lighting when my hair went green and my eyeballs freaked even me out

  2. FreeZone said:

    All that glare from the neo-fluoro and fluro-neon,
    makes me reach for my shades,
    to keep me out of the limelight,
    but glowing with insight.

  3. J Green said:

    There has never been any doubt in my mind that this hideous resurgence has been nothing but a clerical faux pas, a terrible, terrible mistake that Anna Wintour missed before publication but now I realise that it is here to stay. Thank you for englightening me so.

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