Saturday, 6 October 2012

25 things I have done today.

  1. Had a Nanna Nap
  2. Went for a run in the rain
  3. Watched the Woody Allen movie Cassandra’s Dream
  4. Procrastinated doing university assignments
  5. Watched a Youtube clip about Girl on Girl Hate
  6. Checked my email
  7. Played some Sudoku
  8. Attempted starting my Strategic Public Relations Planning Assignment
  9. Looked into other university degrees I could/should/would like to be studying
  10. Considered options for the future
  11. Looked into jobs I could get as a Christmas Casual
  12. Listened to an episode from The Mental Illness Happy Hour
  13. Read some of Rebekah Beddoe’s Dying For A Cure
  14. Wasted time on Facebook
  15. Sent a friend a birthday text message
  16. Found out a local boy died on a motorbike accident in Vietnam
  17. Contacted a friend I haven’t seen in months and was reminded he’s going to England for a year on Boxing Day
  18. Reconciled with my mother
  19. Researched population statistics on the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  20. Was again reminded of Neon’s ever growing presence through the weekend magazines
  21. Thought about those at Parklife music festival in the rain with their ponchos on, all sweaty and messy
  22. Washed my hair after running in the rain
  23. Turned my Montego Bay diffuser sticks around so the scent is stronger in my room
  24. Changed my underwear four times for no reason
  25. Scratched my head looking for an easy way out of all this work I have to do but am refusing to pursue

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