Responses to Double Standards

Here’s what the world had to say about yesterday’s events in parliament:

Australian PM Julia Gillard’s ‘misogynist’ blast at Tony Abbott echoes around world

Julia Gillard’s blistering attack on sexism was her best card

Best Thing You’ll See All Day: Australia’s Female Prime Minister Rips Misogynist a New One in Epic Speech on Sexism

Gillard lashes out at ‘sexist’ Abbott

Australian prime minister accuses opposition leader of sexism

‘Fired up’ Gilliard blasts ‘sexist and mysoginist’ Oz opposition leader during parliamentary showdo

This is the best smackdown I’ve ever seen. Glorious. Advance, Australia Fair!

Australian Prime Minister Destroys Opposition Leader For Hypocrisy, Misogyny

Julia Gillard tells opposition leader: calling me a bitch shows you’re a misogynist


VIDEO: Australia’s Prime Minister Doesn’t Hold Back As She Rips Opponent

And then we have the divide between Canberra and the rest of Australia:

Gone is the turned cheek: Gillard as we’ve rarely seen her

How did you respond?

  1. D'sistaHood said:

    I reckon she was awesome, a let’s hope as many decent men and women as possible could see that Brave Ms Julia is the ‘real deal’, whereas Mr Rabbit deserves to cower in a corner, shaking with with the remaining shreds of his ego.

  2. SA said:

    It was encouraging to hear our Prime Minister finally and firmly setting a limit. In naming and listing (some of) the sexism that has been very much a part of the attacks on her since she took on the role, she left no doubt that it would no longer be tolerated. If the events of these weeks make politicians and the general public think more carefully before making cruel, aggressive or demeaning remarks (including in “private” text messages ) then that will be a good thing.

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