Animal Feelings

Have you ever stopped to think

That animals might have feelings?

That when we’re sad, or grumpy or moody

They too may have their days?

I’d never thunk this thought before this afternoon

And it struck me with quite a hit

That I’d been so neglectful of

My pets and their contentment

We can see psychologists

Counsellors or shrinks

But they’re left to their own accord

Initiative and strength

Maybe that’s why wolves live in packs

To relate, respond and comfort

And bees fly, and lives in hives

Insect to insect kind of bonding

Us humans like to be alone

But some are party people

The thing is we are all unique

And controlling our emotions proves difficult

So next time you’re misunderstood

Crazy, bleak or spent

Think of all those animals

Whose lives are spent misled

By ignorant carers, owners and friends

Unable to understand

Their quarks, meows, grunts and howls

So foreign to our land

But hugs and kisses and playing games

They’re mutual and external

Cross boundaries and communicate

And love shall be eternal

  1. darstellungsrisiko said:

    purrrrr, right on

  2. MissMarvel said:

    Yep, gotta love those
    furr-ey, purr-ey,
    curl-ey, burl-ey
    critters, with
    all their idiosyncracies
    and wayward ways,
    trying to fit in
    or co-exist
    with those mystifying

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