I shot a stranger

Photography by Vara


Instagram may have you believe photography consists only of snacks, scenery and shameless selfies, but Sydney-based photographer, Vara, unveils a unique lens through which we can see the streets around us. He works as a street photographer, shooting portraits of “people with something interesting to share. It might be the way they look or walk. It can be something in their dress, face, or hair.” His images are full of detail, charisma and are so full of life, it’s hard to draw yourself away from their profound features. I interviewed him for Warhol’s Children. I urge you to read the interview. You will learn so much about the man, the passion and the process, and to visit his blog which you can access via the page at Warhol’s Children. Click here. It’ll be worth the visit.

  1. Eva Setton said:

    What a fascinating interview! Will be on the lookout for more Vara in Sydney. AnnoN.

  2. Ais4Analog said:

    Thanks for putting me on to this original artist and his fascinating work. He seems to be able to capture something unique in each person’s soul, and you’ve certainly captured some of the essence of Vara in your terrific interview!

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