A Bed of Rice

Last night I was carrying a bag. In my bag were the usual essentials: wallet, phone, headphones, car keys. Water bottle. I carry water with me pretty much wherever I go. I never used to drink water but it’s become a natural thing to have by my side, even if my drinking habits rise and fall with the weather, my mood and my preparedness to move two centimetres to the left to reach the damn bottle. (I wrote that last sentence using the word inches but remembered a few months ago I went on a Facebook rampage  when everyone was posting statuses using the word inches. We use centimetres in Australia, people! But I confess, inches sounds much better.)

Anyhow, I was driving home last night and as I got out of the car I felt a drip run down my leg. It wasn’t raining, was it? I was confused. No, not bird shit. And then I put my hands into my handbag. Great. Just what I needed. A spilled water bottle and a wet everything else. Including my iPhone.

I got inside, took off the cover and wiped it dry. I didn’t know how much damage, if any, to expect but to my knowledge, everything seemed fine. Grateful Grace.

But not long after, I got a message. But I didn’t realise I got a message. And do you know why? Because my bloody phone had lost its sound. No message tone, no ringtone, no ‘ding’ when I get an email, unable to play music through the headphones nor via the phone’s speaker. Grumpy Grace.

I planned my trip to Apple today, wondering whether I sound admit to the water damage and plead for my innocence, or try my luck saying ‘I have no idea why this has happened but my phone just suddenly went mute’. Until I Googled ‘wet iPhone no sound’.



And the results spoke a truth I’d actually heard of before. When your iPhone drops out of your back pocket and into the toilet, slides into the sink, dives into the pool or is splashed by rain, get out your rice and let it rest. Pictures of uncooked, long-grain white rice appear before my eyes with iPhones bleeding their tears into the grains who are working their soaking-up miracles. It seems ridiculous and as I sit here looking at my bowl full of rice, I feel kind of silly. But guess what? I woke up this morning and what had returned? The voice of reason – the sound was back. And I cannot tell you how ridiculously happy that ‘swoosh’ made me as I unlocked my baby. And the ‘clickity-click’ when I typed a message and, oh, look! My phone just rang! ‘Do-do-do-do-do-do-do!’

They say you don’t know what you had ’till it’s gone but I think you don’t know what you had until it’s gone and then returned.

So I want to thank the wisdom that is Google for re-enlightening me as to how to go about drying out my iPhone. And the rice harvesters for making this turn around possible. I owe you much gratitude and sincere thanks.

  1. Eva Setton said:

    rice to dry out a wet iPhone ! remember a prevous phone in a glass of water …….annoN

  2. Gershwin's Ghost said:

    Nice one,
    Rice won!

    Who would ever have known, or thought, or imagined, or…

    Grateful Grace!

  3. RareRecipes said:

    Fantastique! So, just serve up wet iPhone on a bed of rice, and voila! Incredible!

  4. Jokin'Joyce said:

    Did you notice the bed of rice sounding at all like that famous movie-

    Singing in the Grain!

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