For Sandy Hook

One might not have sensed a change

As they woke to the sun this morning

But switch on the radio, the TV, go online

And grief for a horror came pouring

The 10am news held the story for me

Of the tragedy telling many lives lost

Young children, their carers, responsible souls

A toll with too high a cost

When hearing, reading or speaking the truth

It’s fatality holds ever strong

Impossible to comprehend the trauma

That struck a nation, a globe, in one

Little feet, little toes, little toenails, perished

By a madman with motives unknown

Hearts have been shot and families torn

By weapons found too close to home

Dreams that will never be heard

And songs that will never be sung

Future presidents, musicians and educators gone

No more air passing through their lungs

As the world mourns the dead and speaks of their love

For those lost, those still here and those in care

Pray for the weeping, the blackened, the broken

At Christmas time, a family affair

No more jolly, holly or reindeers with bells

For the poor who have lost their beloved

This year, the next and for all those to come

December holds something better undiscovered

Nobody should lose their child, their sister

Their brother, to a rifle, a gun

Held and triggered by an unknowing hand

Whose mission, too easily done

Whether the law, the people or the state

Should stand up for change and for good

The sadness and fear to be curbed and cut

And justice be done as it should

The world needs peace, needs love and needs hope

A community battered and bruised

And sadly today we move farther and farther

From a place where such peace will be used

So it is my wish, my plea and my trust

That as people we will make it known

That the shot of a gun has no place near our children

Near our families, our friends and our homes

Reparation will never be paid

Not enough to those gone, not forgotten

The sinking, drowning, unforgivable truth

The lives on whom have been trodden

The unthinkable wails heard in Newtown today

Will reverberate around the world

For days, and weeks and years to come

Their lives will be remembered, uncurled

I pay my respects to those who lost today

Their daughters, their sons and their friends

And hold in my heart hope for a better world

In their honour. Please, godsend.

Thoughts are with those struck by the horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Gone too soon. Love and Hope.

  1. Sharon said:

    beautifully phrased!

  2. Hugh M.N. Kind said:

    Amen, thank you, and bless you CL for your sensitive and tender words, beautifully expressed.

    I share your wish, plea, trust, and hope for a more peaceful, less violent, safer, and more harmonious world.


  3. Eva Setton said:

    What a moving piece! Brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully written . annoN xxx

  4. Bill and Monnie Fenner said:

    I am so touched with your beautiful writing. Nanna xx

  5. CitizenSane said:

    Thank you.

    You demonstrate how words have the potential to be more powerful than bullets.

    Now sane and compassionate Americans HAVE to start taking on the gun lobby (the National Rifle Association) and demanding major changes in gun laws for much greater control.

    310 million Americans- and 300 million guns??

    NO WAY!!

  6. HarryandSue said:

    What an inspired poem, in such a shocking moment.

    Your words will travel into the hearts of those who grieve, and the souls whose lives have been so tragically and pointlessly extinguished. xx

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