Mother Nature

I live in a city of changing seasons

Day in, day out, for no good reasons

The sun in the sky and the rain at my feet

When morning calls, and night takes a seat

The puddles, to splash in, a children’s treat

Sensations, observations, my heart skips some beats

A jumper, long sleeves, a brolly in tow

The storm brewing loudly for seeds to sow

The pitter and patter of droplets, quite sudden

Soon become dirty, shoes worn and mudden

Sploshing and splashing, the wet reels us in

But only a trick of nature’s power, hidden

As just when we realise the beauty of wet

Mother N plays cheeky, she plays hard to get

With a clap of thunder on her steel drums

The watery sky silences to only a hum

And out comes the sun, so shiny, so bright

And out come the people, a prompted sight

To catch a glimpse and a ray, a glimmer of light

Before N returns with all her might

To slap down the rain again, and timpani banging

The trickles return, bystanders left hanging

Without an umbrella, a raincoat, some plastic

To cover their heads, words spoken, sarcastic

“Oh thanks, Mother N, for this glorious day

Where I’m lost to the tactic you’re going to play

The game of the weather is much too far skewed

To a sneaky, spell-concocting sore loser like you”

But come warmth, come buckets of water, come hail

Your capriciousness grants us no chance to prevail

Yet somehow we foster, we cuddle your wisdom

And embrace it as truth, in your castle, your kingdom

With actions that speak louder than words, Ms N

Great salutations to you, oh Nature, Mother hen

  1. Eva Setton said:


    • Bianca Verdi said:

      Goodness gracious,
      How audacious!
      Penning a poem
      So when I come home,
      With soggy shoes
      No special news,
      This treat awaits
      And celebrates
      Great Mother hen
      Who in her ken
      And awesomeness,
      Earns our respect
      In full, no less.

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