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This new group straight out of Melbourne’s roots are absolutely unbelievable. If you do anything today, check out this interview for insight into their how, what, where, when and why. And be sure to come along to their EP launch: 9th of May at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Here’s a sneak peak of their first single Love, For The Day Is Near


It’s scary how powerful we are.

Margaret Thatcher funeral

We have the power to make someone’s day or change someone’s life.


We have the power to create and destroy.


We have the power to learn and love.


We have the power to move, and sit passively looking on.

Plant Explosion Texas

Every day, tragedy strikes where it’s least expected. Heartbreak hits after longterm illness, as people pass, and come and go. Some events get more public attention. Others fade away, while some never get reported on at all. But every little action you choose to make effects someone. That someone might be your father, your mother, your best friend, you sister, your brother. Maybe it’s your daughter, your son, your uncle, your grandmother. Or maybe, that person is you. Maybe pressing snooze this morning left you running to the station, only to see your train pass you by. Or maybe it was the best thing you could have done for yourself; those extra seven minutes leaving you just that little bit more rested and up to facing the challenges of the day.

Attention is amazing. We pay attention to something or someone depending on our personal interests, our context, our mood. We are shaped by those around us, our social status, our biological or psychological dispositions. We might have a crazy obsessed over a celebrity, a boy, a girl, that interesting looking creature you noticed in your front garden this afternoon. Some characteristic, a look, a style, an inkling, has captured you, in part or in full.

Right now is right now. Next week is next week. And yesterday is gone for good. So maybe it’s time to make a decision to pay attention to something else. Or maybe you find yourself all-too-consumed by chaos, drama, loss. No one can be the judge, but you.

We have some power over what consumes us. But sometimes we feel helpless, unable to change. Some situations are too big to handle alone. Others are within your own capacity. Crises demand attention on a broader scale. When horror, terror, or war takes place, people hurt. People yearn. People love and lose. People die.

Power is scary because it can be imposed upon us. Dictation, compulsory activities, enlistment, war.

And I don’t have a fucking clue how to manage all that.

You have to know that it’s okay if you can’t cope on your own. There is no shame in reaching out, asking for help, needing a shoulder to cry on.

Because life can be hard. Life is hard. And we each have our own, individual thresholds, limits, boundaries we can’t quite yet cross.

But there is always something you can do to help, to change, to move towards the light.

That is powerful.

Power can be beautiful. Power is enabling. Power is motivating. Power is special. Channel your power towards a better place for you, right now. That’s something you can do. You have the power to rid yourself of guilt. Of shame. If you want it enough.

I know we have more power together, than we do alone. So let’s use our power, or our agency, to bring good, peace and calm, in a time so full of mistrust. Be generous and kind. Give and receive.

And, that will be powerful.