Hello Sunday Morning

Ever wondered what it’d be like to give alcohol a miss for a few weeks? I recently made contact with Chris Raine, founder of Hello Sunday Morning, a program that aims to change your relationship with alcohol. It’s not about complete abstinence – it’s all about choice.

Click here to read the interview and find out more.


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  1. roamingscholar said:

    Well hello! Its Sunday morning, and I’ve just, by chance, stumbled across your great interview with Chris and his bold initiative. How timely!

    All I see in the newspapers these days are full page adds by the major alcohol (and pharmaceutical) retailers, which makes me realise just how big (and Big Bu$ine$$) drinking is these days (and maybe always was).

    There’s nothing worse than dragging a friend home (or to safety) while they reek of their own puke from the mandatory post-binge chuck. Yet, we’ve all done it, more than once, and it doesn’t get any easier, or less nauseating.

    Thanks for bringing Chris and his work to my attention, I’ll be spreading the word. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have a drink or two over the course of a night, but knowing when to stop (and wanting to stop) is the trick.

    See ya!

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