75 Things I Miss

Pleasures of the past have been on my mind recently. Some are once-offs, a lot are series’ or phases or crazes that fled through my time as a child. Some memories are bittersweet, some are vivid while others pale against the background of their time. But here are just some ‘things’ – for lack of a better collective noun – I miss.

  1. Baby-sitters Club books, Karen Brewer and Stoneybrook Academy
  2. So Fresh and Barbie CDs
  3. Lizzie McGuire
  4. Mary-Kate and Ashley books
  5. HMV gift vouchers in metallic colours
  6. Arthur
  7. Barney & Friends
  8. The Ketchup Song (Aserejé) by Las Ketchup
  9. Beanie Kids
  10. Gel pens
  11. S Club 7… “ain’t no party like an S Club party”
  12. The original version of Snake for old Nokias
  13. Pinball on my mum’s old PC laptop
  14. Sunny Boys from the milk-bar after school and snow cones at the Australian Open tennis
  15. The Game of LIFE and Guess Who?
  16. Follow Me by Uncle Kracker – the first pop song I ever knew all the words to
  17. Canned-spaghetti sandwich jaffles
  18. Cheese toasties my Nanna used to cut into boats with sails
  19. Before- and after-school care with Milo milks
  20. Four square
  21. Splice ice-creams
  22. Ice Magic
  23. Monkey bars
  24. Performing shows with friends/cousins for family and friends
  25. Family outings/day-trips
  26. Incursions
  27. Parental permission slips
  28. Baby chinos
  29. Going into mum’s work and being spoilt rotten
  30. Hairbrush microphones
  31. Lime spiders
  32. Ribena
  33. Getting a packet of salt and vinegar chips from the vending machine after swimming in the local pool, with wet hair and a towel swung around my waist
  34. Spider solitaire
  35. MSN
  36. Not knowing your own city well enough such that every trip in made it feel like there was a whole new world you were about to explore
  37. Calling up a friend and getting your parents to speak to arrange a play date
  38. Slumber parties
  39. Feeding the ducks on an extended-family picnic
  40. Looking forward to a trip to Luna Park/a theme park for days in advance
  41. The Drive-In
  42. Baking tiramisu on Italian Day in primary school
  43. Book Week dress up parades
  44. Roll-Ups
  45. Those sucky yoghurt things where you tear off the top and slurp up the dairy
  46. Lip Smackers
  47. Monkey bar blisters
  48. Family road trips
  49. Staying up late enough to hear the number one song on the Hot30 Countdown, just as the clock ticks over to 10pm
  50. Endless energy
  51. Waking up early and actually being ready to start a new day
  52. Lunch orders
  53. Ovalteenies – “nutritious & delicious”, from the tuck shop lunch mothers at morning tea time
  54. Choosing which Teletubbie/Powerpuff Girl/Sex and the City character you wanted to be
  55. Getting a new CD and playing it over and over and over again (e.g. anecdotally, Anthony Callea’s Rain)
  56. Sandpit treasure hunts
  57. School fetes
  58. Junior School discos
  59. The Black Seat outside the principal’s office
  60. Kopiko and White Rabbit Cream Candy
  61. Hall – a subject we had at my first school that was just literally semi-structured play time in a huge hall where there was gymnastics equipment, a stage, art materials, things to play ‘shop’, and an old typewriter that I seem to remember was pretty popular
  62. Plaster fun houses
  63. Relative fearlessness
  64. Seeing someone with their/getting your hair braided and beaded, and knowing they’d just come back from a tropical, exotic island holiday (and then seeing how long you could leave it in before your mum told you it was getting too knotty beyond presentable standards)
  65. Running through the sprinkler during a hot Aussie summer in the backyard
  66. Choosing (in advance) what I wanted for dinner on the night I arrived home from camp after a week of dehydrated, mass-produced meals
  67. Moving the TV into the living room for the 2000 Sydney Olympics
  68. Solitary tea parties with my dollies
  69. Loosing track of time and not worrying about how much/little time there was to do something/anything/everything
  70. Lining up in pairs to enter the classroom
  71. Sitting on a bag of rice in the back seat of my dad’s car so I could see the world – like a booster seat, just made of uncooked, edible grains
  72. Kneeling on a stool to reach the stove top and cooking and stirring the Béchamel sauce with my dad
  73. Judy Blume books
  74. Voting for class captains/library monitors/SRC representatives
  75. Guess How Much I Love You





Additionally, here are two pieces I wrote for artsHub this week:

Name Your Price for Leading Literary Journals <— this is super good value for all you bookworms

Grants Support INternational Opportunities for Victorian Artists

  1. Eva Setton said:

    Oh Nooch. made me all teary …… memories …….such is life. xx

  2. Bill and Monnie Fenner said:

    What a bunch of memories for you and us!!xx

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