Leakages, broken chains, links damaged.

Taking time away from what you know to heal and recover.

But being left feeling out of sight and out of mind, of some.

When is disconnection validated, verified, expected, accepted?

What are the different types of connection? Because from these connective points we can learn the elements that make up a connection and how to dismantle each one, through a process, steps of reason and promise.


A person. Sever contact. Block calls, delete messages, private your number, screen contact. Delete, unfriend, unfollow, untag, report. Just stop replying.

A group. Disassociation. No similarities, no shared interests or values. Stand on your own. Don’t give in to personal or peer pressure, whether externally imposed or self-constructed.

From yourself. Extract the mind from the brain from the skull from the body. Place the mind/brain/body/skull side by side next to the rest of the whole and notice the lack of sparks flying between the nerves, left to disintegrate and die without a life source.

But through this disconnection, healing can occur, and thus, REconnection.

It’s bizarre.

Through taking time for oneself, a part of one, a specific entity, a section, a discrete idea.

It can be an opportunity for blooming, creativity and a life starting a new.

But take it slowly. Give it time.

You can’t expect to heal yourself or your own while you’re constantly connected to everything and everyone else in depth.

Disconnection is not negative but it is time out. Time out for self. Time out for reflection. Time out for work and thinking. Time to be selfish for now, to be helpful later.

Disconnected. For you.

1 comment
  1. Orkwut said:

    Out of sight, yes. Out of mind, never.

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