Today’s Appreciations

Today I Appreciate:

  1. Being with 16 other young women who are making a move on the tough ride over Humpday
  2. Getting back to sleep after an early wakeup
  3. Art Therapy
  4. Getting a headway with sorting things out for university
  5. Feeling heard
  6. Being cared for
  7. Having a warm bed to snuggle up in
  8. Messages and calls of hope from loved ones

Things I Could Do Without:

  1. Guilt
  2. Physical illness
  3. Slipping over in the shower and hurting my bum (TMI?)
  4. Self-pressure
  5. A poor and unreliable internet connection
  6. No Wifi
  7. My laptop battery’s ridiculously short life-span
  8. Ensure
  1. rvbm said:

    What is Humpday?

    • Wednesday! It’s the ‘hump’ of the working week.

      • rvbm said:

        You learn something new every day, they say.

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