Last Week – One for the Family

Apart from having the pleasure and privilege to continue my internship at artsHub and publishing articles there each week, last week I also had two other quite different pieces published.

My poem The Station was published as part of an anthology of poems displayed on a map. The title of the anthology is Impressions of Banyule and was published by Poets@Watsonia. I attended the launch of Impressions with my parents and was asked to read my poem. It was my first experience of a poetry reading, and it was interesting and enjoyable.

In addition, a while back I submitted a reflective piece for the next issue of Ricochet Magazine. After a selection process and contact with lovely members of the Ricochet team, my piece, Friday Night, was published as part of The Flashback Edition, launched last Tuesday morning. It is available for free download. This work is dedicated to my family, and anyone who has been lucky enough to spend a Friday night at the humble abode of S, M & A.

Peruse and enjoy at your own leisure.

  1. Eva Setton said:

    LOVED your poem, Nooch !! And well done! to be continung your internship at artsHub too !! The launch must have been very satisfying for you (And your parents !!!)

    I have tried to navigate my way through Ricochet Magazine/ Flashback edition …. am not very good at this sort of thing: IF…. IF you have a few minutes some time, could I please ask you to teach me how to follow links like this? I would of course love to read your piece on Friday nights at …… See you soon … love you xxx

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Bill and Monnie Fenner said:

    I too loved your poem Esther, and likewise could not navigate my way into Friday nights – wish I could, I have tried several times. love and look forward to seeing you again soon. xxx

  3. Sharon Levy said:

    Ah! Shabbat dinners! They come around all too often. Who to invite? Who not to invite? Who eats what? Dietary requirements? But so many happy memories make them all worthwhile. Inviting family and friends and those perhaps with nowhere to go. Thankyou Esther for your thoughts. You’re invited whenever you like. Hope to see you very soon xx

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