Blogging 101

While I am far from a blogging expert, I found myself relatively comfortable with today’s Networked Media workshop. Our class discussed aspects of blogging we’d like to become familiar with such as how to upload and embed images and videos into our posts, manage widgets, change fonts and the process of creating hyperlinks in our text.

As you may have noticed, I’ve added a Links widget to my righthand-sidebar and a pretty self-explanatory category, ‘Networked Media Blogs’. Here, you’ll find links to other members of my class’ blogs as they too, discover what the blogosphere can offer our personal and professional lives.

To do so, I simply used the WordPress support page focused on Links. While trying to refrain from becoming too wordy, the little line below that word ‘Links’ in the previous sentence indicates I’ve added a hyperlink to the text, so when you hover your cursor over the word and click, it will open in another tab on your computer. From here, you will be able to follow the very simple instructions on how to add a Blogroll of your own.

Developing a basic blog is fairly simple thanks to WordPress tutorials, help pages and the supportive blogging community. Since launching countingletters (and having previously dabbled in other CMS blogging platforms), it’s become evident that the wider blogging community is both welcoming and encouraging.

Particularly insightful are Miscellaneous Mum, Karen Andrews, MediaShift, and The Media Pod, Ross Monaghan, amongst others. I’d recommended actively using your (possibly dormant) Twitter account, and following media personalities as a way of learning and becoming aware of what is going on in the mediasphere.

As a closing point, I also just came across a post by Stuart Bruce (via The Media Pod himself), about the value of blogging in the PR industry. Interestingly, Bruce contends that my new Blogroll is in fact ‘out of fashion’, as he too, prefers to connect with others via Twitter and other social networks. Bruce also lists notable, trustworthy blogs he recommends those in the industry follow.

Starting a blog is as easy as creating an account with a host platform. All you need is an email address, and the world’s your oyster.

  1. Hi Esther

    Thanks for the mention. I also bemoaned the fact that today a lot of conversations about a good blog post don’t take place on the blog, but on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. So here I am commenting. You’ve got a great student blog, which should be a great help to you in your career. One blog feature that your post doesn’t mention is trackback. That’s how I found out about your post, because your WordPress ‘pinged’ my WordPress. Commenting on their blogs or mentioning and linking to other PR or media influencer’s blogs are other good ways to build your professional network. Good luck.


    • estherlf said:

      Thank you kindly, Stuart. Trackbacks are definitely something I’ll work towards creating a post on as I agree, they’re a great way to connect with others and generate awareness.

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