In memoriam: Martin Troy

‘Morning, love!’

‘Oh, morning, Martin! How does your garden grow?’

His blue, red and yellow roses stand

Quite spritely, all in a row.



The Junior School, the teacher on duty

Stops to take in the smell,

Of freshly pruned trees and bushes, clipped

Before turning inside, at the bell.



The girls are a-playing with buckets and spades

While Martin makes his way ’round;

They chatter and wave at a friendly face

Standing side by side with a mound

Of mulch, of spawning, nourished soil

By Martin’s own pair of hands,

He distributes the fertile food for the plants

And tends with a lively command.



The rose garden blooms in the springtime,

And the teachers are treated in turn

To their own petalled rose, as a gesture

From a man always showing concern

For the wellbeing of students and nature,

For the staff and the parents and friends,

Who visit on days and take in with awe

The gardens he lovingly tends.



On hot summer days, near the gym in the school,

Girls gather and stutter and shout,

For the cool lemon icy poles, raspberry, too

Our Martin distributes about.

The same in July at the birthday

Of Ivanhoe Girls’ every year,

Chocolate cake comes, and girls snake around

For a slice and a hug and a cheer.



Always so conscious, aware and in motion

A belove’d and dedicated chum,

For 32 years he created a world,

All praise for his natural green thumb.



While tragedy struck in January’s heat

It’s only so fittingly so,

That Martin did leave us, a peaceful, proud man

In the grounds of his dear Ivanhoe.



A treasure, a master, a man of his trade,

In overalls green, he did stand;

We’ll all miss that smile in the morning,

Our Martin, the King of the Land.

  1. Eva Setton said:

    what a beautiful piece ! can just picture him …. vale Martin Troy …

  2. Darstellungsrisiko said:

    Ditto, to the heart, the everyday kind of love that makes the world go round – in the right direction

  3. charlottetucker said:

    So very beautiful. We will all miss him.

  4. Bill and Monnie Fenner said:

    What beautifully expressed words for a man much loved

  5. BlackKnight said:

    Martin will live long in our memories, and even longer through his being immortalised in this deeply affectionate and endearing tribute to a much loved and admired man.

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